Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

When I think back to the year 2010, a lot has been accomplished. When midnight struck, I had the best new years by starting it off with people that I loved. I had no idea that in the year of 2010, I would graduate from college. That realization came at the end of March 2010. Though my last quarters in college were academically difficult, I tried my hardest to make the most out of it. Having turned at the ripe age of 21 in the beginning of January, it was my time to go out and live that life. I tried going out with as little free time as I had, even though that was barely anything.
Realizing that I would soon start another life after college, I made sure I kept the friends I found valuable in my college life. I have met so many diverse people during my 3 years at UCI, but it really takes an effort to keep a friendship going. That was probably one of my hardest realizations when I moved back home in June. Orange County seemed like a lifetime away; I was too lazy to drive there, too lazy to hit people up.
Having I would think an impressive variety of accomplishment on my resume, I thought it was be easy to find a job right when I graduated in media. Here I go, applying to numerous positions on various websites, and still no answer. My big break in my self esteem came when I got the intern position at the local television station KTLA. Here was my dream-to work in the entertainment department for a well known station. Though the hours were not inviting, I committed over 3 months to my internships where I learned how to help produce the Morning News Show that airs everyday. On the way I met great people and even celebrities.
Even though the job market is very difficult at the time, I managed to find a part-time job for a mortgage company in Santa Monica. At the time where I also had my internship, it provided the strenuous yet right balance between my dream internship and a job where I can make some pretty good money on the side-->I can't complain.
On this New Year's Eve, I am reflecting on how crazy this year has been with all my accomplishments, relationships, and rollercoaster moments. Many times I have felt alone, and at a crossroads, but I've made it through yet another year. 2011 is about to arrive, and I'm still wondering what I'm meant to do with my life. Being out of college for 6 months now, I have no idea what direction my life is going though I do know where I want to be...and that is EVERYWHERE!!! I have a feeling that 2011 is about to be another great year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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