Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fake Chinese Apple store has even staff fooled

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Yahoo reported today that China's passion for iPads and iPhones has triggered widespread cloning and even brawls. Now, it has gone further with a fake Apple store so convincing even the staff think they work for Steve Jobs.

The store, in the southwestern city of Kunming, was uncovered by an American blogger who was initially fooled, before she noticed not everything was as it seemed.

At first glance, the signs, computers and layout of the shop all look exactly like a genuine Apple store, says the blogger, who posts under the name BirdAbroad.

Photos posted by the blogger show the employees wearing Apple's trademark blue T-shirts with name badges hanging around their necks.

But a closer look reveals the winding stairs going up to the chill-out area are poorly made, the walls have not been painted well, and the shopfront sign says "Apple Store" whereas the real deal just sports the now-famous fruit logo.

The employees, meanwhile, all genuinely believe they work for Apple, said BirdAbroad, who asked to remain anonymous when contacted by AFP on Thursday.


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