Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HubSpot Announces World's First and Largest Marketing Software App Marketplace

    HubSpot announced the "HubSpot App Marketplace," the world's first and largest application marketplace for marketing software today, with more than a dozen approved applications being used by more than 1,000 companies representing more than 3,000 application installations. Already the world's largest marketing platform with more than 4,900 customers, HubSpot has now enabled the software developer community to build new applications that seamlessly integrate with HubSpot software. Just like adding a new app to your Android device or iPhone or iPad, now thousands of marketing professionals can install and start using a new applicationfrom a third-party developer in just one click -- and thousands of them have already done exactly that.

    The HubSpot App Marketplace is a showcase of third-party applications that provide marketers with valuable insight and tools across the spectrum of their day-to-day marketing activities, including:

    • providing immediate access to leads via CRM integrations by using HubSpot Inbound Marketing Connector for Dynamics CRM

    • more efficient content publishing via content networks, seamlessly integrated to their publishing tools by using Zerys Content Marketplace

    • benchmarks of marketing metrics compared to companies similar to yours by using Benchmarks

    • finding the Google rank for your competitors' most important SEO keywords by using Search Grader

    "Successful software companies offer ways for third-parties to extend the value to the end user," said Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO of HubSpot. "Facebook has the Facebook platform and Salesforce.com has the AppExchange. At HubSpot, we believe that the best way to address customer needs is to open our platform and collaborate with developers that share our passion for marketing." Read more at

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