Monday, July 25, 2011


With just two weeks left to file the income tax returns, many taxpayers are busy making their final calculations, visiting their tax consultant and filling up the returns form. Before filing the tax forms, you need to deposit the balance tax due and interest, if any. This amount is based on your tax liability for the year, after taking into account advance tax paid and tax deducted at source.
Of late, the scope of tax deduction at source has been increased and includes salary, rent, interest, professional services etc. So, while preparing the tax returns and calculating the tax liability, you should take into account the tax amount already deducted on your behalf. Now, an easy way to do this is to refer to the 26AS statement. This statement is accessible on the NSDL site and is also available online on the websites of many banks.
According to a recent advice issued by the Income Tax Department, taxpayers should review their 26AS statements to check whether all the TDS deducted is appearing against their accounts or not. This would facilitate faster processing of refunds, if any.
Tax credit statement
The Income Tax Department facilitates a PAN holder to view its tax credit statement (Form 26AS) online. Form 26AS contains details of tax deducted on behalf of a taxpayer by deductors, details of tax collected on behalf of a taxpayer by collectors, and advance tax, self-assessment tax, regular assessment tax etc deposited by a taxpayers.
It also has details of refunds received during a financial year and details of high-value transactions involving shares, mutual funds etc.
A Form 26AS is generated wherever a valid PAN is furnished in a TDS statement.
Accessing Form 26AS
The tax credit statement (Form 26AS) can be accessed in these ways:
IT website
You can view your tax credit an, and those who are registered on this site can view the Form 26AS by clicking on 'View Tax Credit Statement (From 26AS)' in 'My Account'. The facility is available free of cost.
Bank website
You can view it on a bank's website through the Internet banking facility. The facility is available to a PAN holder with an Internet banking account with any authorised bank. Form 26AS will be available only if the PAN is mapped to that particular account. The facility is available for free of cost.

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