Friday, July 1, 2011

Pros and Cons of The 17 Day Diet

Pros and Cons, 17 Day Diet, Diet
In a world of fad diets and yo-yo eating, it's no surprise that something like The 17 Day Diet is getting a lot of attention. After all, it has the most appealing parts of any crash diet: it's short and it promises dramatic results. But should you do it? Here are the pros and cons in this review of The 17 Day Diet.

Review of 17 Day Diet: Pros

1. It's quick. The best part of this diet is that it's quick — just 17 days — and it features real food, so it's easier to stick to than other fad diets.

2. It can help you get back on track. If you're looking for a jumpstart to a healthier diet, The 17 Day Diet can give you the framework to get back to a more nutritious way of eating.

Review of 17 Day Diet: Cons

1. It's not a lifestyle change. By no means does The 17 Day Diet teach you how to eat a healthy diet for the long haul. Just like other fad diets, unless you keep up with some of the healthy eating requirements in The 17 Day Diet plan, once you go off the diet you're likely to put the weight right back on.

2. It may affect your workouts. In the beginning stages of The 17 Day Diet, you limit your intake of carbs. If you're someone who exercises a lot, this restriction of carbs may negatively impact your sweat sessions. No fun!


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