Friday, July 1, 2011


Concerned about growth in population, health officials in Rajasthan have come up with a novel way of urging couples to restrict the sizes of their families. They are now encouraging men and women to go in for immediate sterilization to reduce population explosion, and in return, the health department will offer a Tata Nano amongst other things to couples who comply.
Many fears population in India is going the Chinese way and is expected to outdo China by the year 2030. Mr. Sitaram Sharma, Head Doctor at Jhunjhun in Rajasthan said that this carrot and stick method is a method by which couples could be enticed, and he expects at least 20,000 couples to go in for sterilization in a bid to win a Tata Nano.
Not only cars, food blenders, motorcycles and televisions are also on offer for willing candidates. Couples not only in Rajasthan but all over India can take advantage of this offer. A similar scheme was initiated in the 1970’s, but had to be brought to a halt due to complaints of forced Sterilization.

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