Thursday, July 21, 2011


Jessica Biel, once the tomboy from 7th Heaven, is now known as one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood, with one of the best bodies! Not only is it finely toned, but she still has curves and looks so healthy. Her trainer, Jason Walsh, shared how he helped shape Jessica Biel into one of the most coveted bodies in the world!

Before her routine consisted of basic cardio and machines, but needed to re-proportion her body. "Before Jessica came to me, she very much did ‘old school’ training with machines. It tended to lead to disproportioning in her shape. I began doing full body movement exercises, so that her body moved ‘in concert’. Her body changed in three months. Now, she’s very much in proportion. Her waist, legs, arms and shoulders fit nicely together and look better."

Jessica Biel doesn't have to work out strenuously everyday, more like two or three times a week where she works out every muscle in her body. "We do things like bicep curls using a low weight, followed by pull-ups. We also flattened the stomach doing twists and hanging leg raises…I incorporate lunges, crunches, squats and core work with light weights and high repetitions. We also do plenty of walking lunges, which stretch the larger leg and glute muscles so there’s no bulk up, and then Russian twists with the ball."

NO body can sustain it's great shape, not to mention "tight" without a great diet attached to it. Smaller meals are encouraged while the fats and carbohydrates attached to each meal get lower as the day goes by. "Clients like Jessica might eat small meals five times a day, which consist of lean meats and vegetables. Sometimes for a snack I’d suggest a protein shake with berries. Jessica might have oatmeal when she wakes up, a chicken salad for lunch, fruits as snack and then dinner might be something like fish, vegetables and rice. I always suggest Kale to her because it’s packed with anti-oxidants."

Jason Walsh has some tips that everyone can follow! Now you can get started to a healthy and toned body, because it's never too late!

1) Stop long distance running and try running sprints instead for 20, 30, or 45 seconds followed by that amount of rest time.

2) Try eating organic and drink lots of H20!

3) Try All Pro Science recovery shakes-best protein supplement on the market.

4) You can eat your sweets, just don't overdo it!

5) It's not about weight loss, but feeling good about yourself!

Now go out there, and get it started!!!

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