Friday, July 1, 2011

Wimbledon 2011 Results

Wimbledon 2011 has entered the most crucial stage. Murray is going to face Nadal in semis. Read more about results and schedule
London hosts Wimbledon for more than a century. But many of us have passed their lifetimes without seeing any British national winning the men’s tennis tournament. Not just me, many people of my father’s age passed away dreaming to see a British national win it for the nation.

Now there are indication and hope that the trend may be reversed. And Andy Murray is going to challenge the reigning champion Rafael Nadal.

Seventy five years ago Fred Perry was the last person to have won the trophy. Since then the British fans have just hoped and hoped without

A report says, “Meanwhile, in a house in Surrey, Andy Murray is trying to keep calm. As the best player Britain has produced in generations, he is the focus of the nation's attention. His every move is charted, analysed and deconstructed - is this practice session/mid-afternoon snack/new pair of trainers going to make the difference and win him Wimbledon? Living these two weeks in such a goldfish bowl must be unbearable. But Murray does not care.”

Murray has perfected the art of getting to the latter stages of the tournaments that matter - Friday will be his seventh Grand Slam semi-final and getting past Rafael Nadal would put him in his fourth major final. Now he has to find that last key ingredient, the philosopher's stone, that will turn all this experience into a Grand Slam victory. He has waited for his moment to come for 21 years (he started playing tennis at the age of three) and if the British public think they are getting impatient for a spot of home-grown success, it is as nothing compared to Murray's desire for success.

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