Monday, November 8, 2010

The 80/20 Rule

My mom once sent me an email about something called the 80/20 principle. When in a relationship,everyone goes through the honeymoon stage where everything is absolutely perfect. As time goes on, you realize that the relationship is not as exciting as it once was; the arguments are more frequent; nothing feels the same as it once was. When being in a relationship, there has to be some sort of satisfaction that keeps us in it. That's where the 80 comes in. Our partner possesses 80% of what we want in the opposite sex, what that might be. But as the relationship goes on, our minds tends to focus more on what is not present in our current relationship.
That's where the 20% comes in. Our wandering eyes and wandering minds make us believe that what is missing is what's best for us. This I believe is what causes one to cheat on their partner. Even though who they have currently has most of the qualities they want in someone, the fact that something new can arise out of another relationship with someone else is more enticing. A challenge then sets forth in the game of pursuing a relationship with someone without the current partner ever finding out. Though it may not seem like a big deal at first, the fact that you're pursuing a relationship with someone in the confines of a relationship is unhealthy. That 20% may look so attractive at the present time, but when wrongful actions have been made, that 20% which once looked so enticing, becomes a burden you have to deal with.
Why does it take a mistake to realize what we currently have in our own lives to appreciate it at its full potential? What's the breaking point in all relationship where we start to doubt all the progress made and look somewhere else to fulfill that emptyness?
If we find ourselves doubting the status of our relationship in the first place, the best thing to do is work it out by talking about it with your partner, instead of finding a solution through unhealthy means. Sometimes things happen for a reason and even though they're not what we always approve of, some outcomes are for the best. It's more wise to think with your head than your heart.

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