Monday, November 1, 2010

A Man/Woman Dynamic

So what makes us a woman and what distinguishes us as a man. Besides the obvious physical traits, what intrigues me is the mind-set that seems to accompany the sexes. This past weekend in Vegas, I had the pleasure of getting to know the two different mind-sets a little more with me being in a somewhat middle position.
Yes, I believe that part of being a female entails choosing what we feel instead of the smart decision when it comes to a lot of things especially the opposite sex. I noticed that women tend to choose the "bad boys" instead of the "nice guy" because it poses a challenge. That can be the same for guys too, even though it may take them longer to realize what they want in a woman. What guy wouldn't turn down a woman who's all over them, but then again, when it comes down to it, he won't want to date you. So where's the line between getting what you want in the opposite sex. Does the physical aspect overshadow the inner qualities we place value upon? when is the time we realze what we really want in someone, and take the mature route.
In my time, I've had a lot of guy friends, but I never had the oppotunity to hang out with them for a full weekend in a crazy city like Vegas. What I did observe is that many guys together in a group do act different than individually. Though many females see guys as immature, I've realized they always find a way to make things fun and they restore the childish spirit in things. I do agree that females can take too many things serious that we forget the fun in the simple things.
What causes attention from the opposite sex to cross the boundaries where feelings get involved. It's not a good start when you meet someone in a club, or anywhere where alcohol is involved. Once the hooking up starts, and the new morning comes, and things are not what they seemed like the night before, do emotions get hurt? Surely many guys rarely catch feelings for girls they hook up with, but why are girls more prone to it?
What makes it okay for guys to say some obnoxious sexual terms to women and expect it to be okay. Do guys really see the female species as something to be conquered? Why do they tend to conquer the "easy" girls rather than try and work for something? But when females take the seat to assert their independence, the term "whore" would come into the mix.
The female and male species are so different in so many aspects, that it's confusing knowing what the opposite sex is thinking all the time. Guys really don't dwell on things and analyze it as much as girls seem to openly do and that's where feelings get involved. Nevertheless, there's no true explanation to what actions really mean anymore.

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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