Monday, July 11, 2011


Want to look just like Kim Kardashian? Well she's spilling some of her beauty secrets!

Kim K swears by cleansing wipes saying that they're her "saving grace." She can always count on Olay's Daily Facial Express which not only takes away all of her make-up smoothly, but has a built-in exfoliator.

Known for her look consisting of smoky eyes and blush, she says, "I love a brown smoky eye. You really have to circle your eyes with color for the best effect. I switch to grey or black depending on what I'm wearing. I always curl [my lashes] and then wiggle Lancome mascara through twice. I love blush in Orgasm by NARS. It goes everywhere with me and looks great on olive skin tones like mine."

It's great to see that she's letting her fans take a peek into her daily beauty regimen. Not only do you get to "kind of" be like Kim Kardashian, but all these products are totally affordable! Check out some of the products she mentioned and their prices below!

NARS Orgasm blush $21 -

Lancome mascaras $15-$30 -

Olay Daily Facial Express $5 -

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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