Saturday, January 15, 2011

Black Swan: A Review

Black Swan : so much hype centered around this movie. Not only does it have 2 of Hollywood's Hottest Actresses, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, but this movie has garnered much critical acclaim, can anyone say 4 Golden Globe Nominations?!
I can see the commotion this movie has caused. It was seriously the craziest movie I've seen in a while. This dark thriller really captivates the audience and leaves them in a stupor. So what's the deal with the Black Swan and the White Swan?
Black Swan is about ballerina Nina (Portman) who gets the coveted role of Swan Queen, in which she would have to play both the White Swan and Black Swan. The White Swan is the perfect role for Nina: innocent and delicate, and the role of Black Swan is the complete opposite: dangerous and seductive. Throughout the movie, Nina struggles to find the right balance between two roles. She sees the dark side of dancing with fellow ballerina star Beth (Ryder) who is suddenly replaced within the dance company and tries to kill herself.
Nina has a few twisted relationships in the movie. Her mother, once a ballerina, is very protective of Nina and tries to protect her from the harsh world of dancing and the cruelties of the real world. With Nina's immersion of the role, she finds herself tired of her mother's overbearing behavior, and wants to break free from her sheltered life. Nina becomes attracted to fellow ballerina Lily (Kunis) who embodies everything she's not: mysterious and a free spirit, qualities of the Black Swan. She believes that Lily is trying to get her role of Swan Queen, and envisions her as a threat, yet also fantacizes about her. The head of the dance company Thomas, tries to bring out the seductress of Nina by not only providing harsh criticism, but touching her sexually in order for Nina to open herself up to the role.
Nina is used to being a disciplined dancer and struggles to portray her role as the Swan Queen perfectly. This comes to her demise, as she find two sides of her competing: the innocent White Swan, and the evil Black Swan. Nina becomes her own worst enemy trying to embody this role to the best of her ability, something she wasn't able to handle. By the end of the movie, the Black Swan overpowers the White Swan, which leads to her death. Nina ended up playing out the story of the Swan Princess, literally where the Black and White Swan compete, and unto which the Swan Queen kills herself.
I would recommend this movie because of it's great complexity and dark story. There's not a lot of movies that can captivate you throughout the entire film and make you feel so involved in the plot. This movie is full of twists and turns, that you never know what to expect, and that's what I love about this movie. It feels so real, and it leaves you at the edge of your seat. Don't be fooled by the title, this movie brings it!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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