Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Season of American Idol

The new season of American Idol kicked out today on Fox at 8pm and sure did I tune in. I haven't been excited for American Idol this much since the first season! Like all reality shows, the hype builds and then dies down with each consecutive season. Sure we were used to Simon's crass remarks, Paula's supportive nature, and Randy's 'Dawg' statements, we don't know how much further the show would progress alongside it's contestants.
But this season certainly caught my attention! With rumors circulating about Simon leaving the Idol cast and Paula also leaving, starting her own reality dance show, the future of this show did not look break. Then the search started for the new judges who would fill the seat of Simon and Paula. Rumors were circulating about potential judges but no one was sure.
When the new judges were announced: Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, this drew great media attention. Many questioned Steven Tyler's credibility. Though he is the frontman for legendary rock group Aerosmith, he was just a rocker. Did he know anything about music and judging a competition? Then there was Jennifer Lopez, who is said to be such a "diva." Criticized for her unrealistic talent in the music business about having no real voice, questions also arised to her credibility. Yes she is successful and beautiful, but does she know anything about singing?
Despite all the controversy these new judges may bring, I'm excited because I love JENNIFER LOPEZ and AEROSMITH is one of my favorite groups! Tuning into the first episode tonight, I can already see that Steven Tyler plays the role as the crazy harsh judge=he either likes you or he doesn't; Jennifer Lopez plays the mentor who gives supportive criticism if there is any; and Randy Jackson seems like he takes more of a backseat to the crazy personalities of the other judges-he says what he thinks and that's basically it. I mean it's just the first episode, but when multiple judges are involved, each has to bring their own style to the table. HERE'S TO THE NEW SEASON OF AMERICAN IDOL, LOOKS AMAZING!

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