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Fashion Rio: coverage day 1 - cobertura dia 1

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Pessoal, peço desculpas às brasileiras que não lêem inglês mas a cobertura, já que está sendo feita em parceria com o Fashion Trendsetter, é toda em inglês. Assim que der escreverei notinhas em português mas infelizmente acho que não conseguirei traduzir os textos por completo. O foco é ser um blog voltado ao mercado brasileiro mas dado que tenho este material em mãos não queria deixar de postá-lo por aqui - mesmo em língua estrangeira! Espero que compreendam e agradeço o carinho.

No mais, alguém quer circular pelo Fashion Rio e pelo Rio à Porter comigo amanhã ou quarta-feira? Tenho DOIS convites para o Rio à Porter, a feira de moda que acontece em paralelo ao Fashion Rio. O convite dá direito a passear pelos stands, ver o que vai ser vendido no inverno que vem, há alguns desfiles abertos ao público no stand do Rio à Porter e também acesso ao lounge principal do Fashion Rio. Infelizmente não dá acesso aos desfiles do Fashion Rio, mas acho super legal já estar lá dentro, ver o pessoal da moda trabalhando, saber como tudo funciona... que acham? Se houver muita gente, farei um mini-sorteio - mas ó, coisa rapidinha, hein? Quem quiser tem que se pronunciar até amanhã 1 da tarde. O convite é válido só para amanhã e quarta.


Greetings from Rio de Janeiro! This is the first time Fashion Trendsetter covers a Brazilian event and I’m more than pleased to be its correspondent for Rio Fashion Week autumn/winter 2011. This, at first, may sound odd: a fashion event dedicated to winter collections in a city that is known for its beaches, renowned swimwear and sunny, warm weather all year round. Although winter in Rio has an average temperature of 20°C (around 68°F), there are a few places in Brazil where proper winter wear is needed. Anyone who visited Rio Fashion Week – and São Paulo Fashion Week, for that matter – could see that this event goes beyond the national market.

 Acquastudio's a/w 2010 show

The company that organises São Paulo and Rio Fashion Weeks, Luminosidade, has worked extremely hard over the last few years to improve the structure of the event and managed to dominate the local fashion scene. However, the feeling is that this recognition is part of a bigger plan, not only aimed at the national media. Behind it all there seems to be a desire to deconstruct the myth that Brazilian brands specialise only on swimwear and to prove that national household names such as Carlos Miele, Alexandre Herchcovitch or Pedro Lourenço don’t need to travel 5,000 miles to present their designs in New York or Paris. Last year Luminosidade invited the ‘golden couple’ of fashion photography blogging, Garance Doré and Scott Schuman, to attend Fashion Rio; this year the invitee is fashion blog maven BryanBoy. Like in a chess game, all these small moves fulfil their role to check mate the international fashion media. Their goal is to demonstrate that many Brazilian designers are worth more than just a glance and to place Brazil as an integral part of the fashion calendar.

Luminosidade’s bet isn’t as risky as it seems: while the global economic outlook hasn’t helped, Brazil has been blessed with a growth spurt in recent years, being mildly affected by the financial crisis. Successful bids to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 summer Olympics can only improve Brazil’s awareness abroad and help its fashion industry to make its mark. Furthermore, the company (together with local trade agencies) is fostering the development of new talent by rewarding young promising designers with the Rio Moda Hype Award, allowing them to showcase some of their work in the first day of the event. This is a similar project as the NEWGEN event hosted by the British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week. 

All in all, things look very promising. With a line-up that includes household names such as Totem, Redley, Maria Bonita Extra and Cantão, Rio Fashion Week captures perfectly what symbolizes the “carioca way of life” – which is also the theme of this season’s event. And since the whole world fantasizes about Rio and its lifestyle, it’s clear to see that the organisers’ are on the right track.

Fashion Rio a/w 2011 – complete line-up:

Monday (10/01/2011):
                19:00 – Rio Moda Hype winners

Tuesday (11/01/2011):
                18:00 – Alessa
                19:00 – Filhas de Gaia
    20:00 – Melk Z-Da
    21:00 – Patachou

Wednesday (12/01/2011):
                18:00 – Acquastudio
                19:00 – Maria Bonita Extra
    20:00 – Coven
    21:00 – Giulia Borges
    22:00 – British Colony

Thursday (13/01/2011):
                11:00 – Walter Rodrigues
    18:00 – Têca
                19:00 – Totem
    20:00 – Printing
    22:00 – TNG

Friday (14/01/2011):
                11:00 – Cantão
    18:00 – Coca Cola Clothing
                19:00 – Redley
    20:00 – R.Groove
    21:00 – Espaço Fashion
    22:00 – New Order

Saturday (15/01/2011):
                18:00 – Nica Kessler
                19:00 – Oestúdio
    20:00 – Andrea Marques
    21:00 – Lucas Nascimento
    22:00 – Auslander

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