Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yesterday I watched "The Green Hornet" because from the previews it looked pretty entertaining. I am not usually a fan of superhero movies, but something about the way it was advertised caught my attention. First of all, I don't even know the story of any superhero, let alone the Green Hornet. But his story is about a newspaper publisher named Britt Reid who turns into a crime fighting vigilante at night. Kato is his masked partner who is a karate master and gadget genius.
Like other superhero teams such as Batman & Robin, The Green Hornet and partner Kato do not really make a team. While watching Seth Rogan play the lead role of The Green Hornet, it felt he was there for only comic relief, which fell flat. I usually have a weird sense of humor, so I may laugh at things that aren't funny, but all the jokes Seth Rogan was trying to put into the movie was pretty bad. I don't know the reason why he would be put into that role, but Seth Rogan is the last person I would think who would be cast as a superhero. I thought the role of being a crime fighter with an altar ego such as The Green Hornet would make it seem like that character is the main one beating up the bad guys. But it was his partner Kato played by Jay Chou doing all the work. Kato doesn't even have a name he is known for other than The Green Hornet's sidekick. Kato was the one making all the gadgets and putting together their car called "The Black Beauty." He was the one fighting all the bad guys and helping The Green Hornet fight his guys too. So what exactly does The Green Hornet provide? He can't fight, he's not a technical genius, and in this case, he can't tell jokes.
Though this movie did have some action parts, the fighting sequences were all in slow motion, maybe for the purpose of seeing it in 3-D, I don't know. But I wish it wouldn't been more fluid in that part, so it would seem more believable. Also in the movie were Cameron Diaz, who played Britt Reid's secretary researching The Green Hornet, and James Franco who came out for a few minutes in the beginning of the movie. Two big stars with a useless role, but it was nice to see some eye candy with James Franco. Overall, this movie fell flat compared to the hype that was surrounding it. I would not suggest watching this movie, unless it was at a dollar theatre or something. Seth Rogan should stay in comedy and not try to combine different genres of movies together.

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