Friday, April 22, 2011


HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! This Good Friday, it is our duty to take care of the earth's resources. Here are some easy steps on how to make your life a little GREENER: [Thanks to Better Homes & Gardens]

1. Change a Lightbulb: to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL) to save energy and money. They consume 75% less electricity and last 10x longer.

2. Unplug Electronics and Appliances: if it glows, then it's best to connect the plugs to a power strip then turn it off. Doing this can save you $200 a year.

3. Recycle Electronics: instead of throwing it away, there are various ways you can recycle those products. Try to find a recycling resource near you or earn $35 per cellphone at where the recycled phones can be refurbished and sold. This effort can help keep 4 million pounds of lead off the ground.

4. Label Check: When replacing household appliances, make sure it has an Energy Star label because it's a guaranteed energy efficient product. Households that use these products average about 30% less than the average, which can save you almost $600!

5. Wash in Bulk: Whether it be washing dishes or doing the laundry, try and wait for a full load to accumulate before washing it. Try combining half loads, choosing shorter cycles, and using more cold or warm water. Instead of wasting power, energy, and money, you can save up to 4500 gallons of water a year.


LEONARDO DICAPRIO: started his own foundation in 1998 where he promotes environmental issues, drives a hybrid, and made feature length documentary "11th Hour" on global warming.

ROBERT REDFORD: on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council for 30 years, founded the Sundance Preserve, and launches a weekly program called "The Green" dedicated to the environment on his Sundance TV channel.

STING: founded the Rainforest Foundation in 1989 which protects rainforests and their indigenous peoples.

EDWARD NORTON: in 2003 created the the BP Solar Neighbors Program that matches each celebrity purchase of a solar energy home system with a solar installation in low income family homes in Los Angeles.

PIERCE BROSNAN: headlined the Natural Resources Defense Council campaign that was against effects of Navy sonars on whales, focuses on marine mammal and wetland protection.

RICHARD BRANSON: Since 2006, spent all profits from his Virgin airlines and rail businesses on investments in biofuel research and emission protection projects.

In celebration of Earth Day, it's important to see the worldwide effects of our actions. Doing something as simple as recycling appliances, bottles, cans, and paper is so simple and very effective. Also, why use those numerous plastic bags when grocery shopping? Try opting for a reusable bag, or at least switch to paper. With all of us changing our lives to be a little greener, it can make a huge difference to Mother Nature and the position direction our planet can go.

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