Sunday, April 24, 2011

Skeeter Davis Alert™: End of the World on July 4! (Again.)

Publication: Sun
Date: 2 May 2011

I hate to spoil everybody's Easter, but I report this day on the worst prediction of the End of the World I've seen yet on the cover of the Sun.

The world will end on July 4!


They predicted the same thing last year with almost the same details and same alleged prophets.

Here are the sub-headlines from this week's cover.
  • Mother Teresa: Hidden Bible secrets
  • Black Elk: Who will be saved
  • Nostradamus: New Great plague hits U.S.
  • John the Baptist: Satan appears in Congress
The only change from last year's line-up of dead psychic stars is Nostradamus is in and Edgar Cayce is out. Edgar saw firestorms instead of a great plague.

I've often wondered who buys the Sun and how profitable it can be. I'm now guessing the entire workforce is less than twenty, so it makes profitability a lot easier.

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