Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter to all! Jesus has Risen and soon, very soon he will come again! Are you prepared to face God when it is time? There has been a lot of crazy events happening as of late including natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and tornados killing hundreds of people worldwide. Then there is the everyday news of people killing one another. And now, there are so many reported UFO sightings.

But what do all these signs mean to us as a human race? The Book of Revelation in the Bible talk about the second coming of the Lord when the good and the bad's fate shall be determined. But are these UFO sightings a sign that the end is near?

There are countless movies and books portraying aliens in their spacecrafts having high-tech power and knowledge to conquer the human race. Do the numerous sightings of these supernatural beings determine an invasion coming soon? I don't personally know what aliens would want to do with the human race other than conquer for power's sake just like through history where civilizations sought to invade other countries they could control. When will the thirst for power and dominance ever subside? Though it is good sometimes to be competitive and determined in achieving your goals, when will the selfishness turn into something positive? I don't know what these UFO sightings can mean, but this footage is freaky.

Check it out here: [[Thanks Jaymee for showing me this!!!]]

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