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BEAUTY TRULY IS SKIN DEEP. Boy did I have a wake up call at Sephora the other day when I learned all the skincare products I have been using everyday, FOR YEARS, is BAD FOR MY SKIN!!! I got some suggestions from the skincare consultant there as well as a friend of mine who gave some helpful tips on how to get your BEST SKIN EVER!!!

Amy Lee, former co-worker and classmate, and now going to beauty school gives some great advice for skincare: "For cleanser, definitely go for one that doesn't have sodium laureth sulfate (strips water in skin and makes ur skin produce more oil). It should be oil based which gets rid of dirt and oil better, not oil free. It won't make your face oily bc it's too big of a molecule to penetrate into your skin. I think the ponds cold cream is good. And then for scrub, it should be tiny beads not harsh maybe Aveeno exfoliating scrub. Moisturizer is important because it forms a barrier and keep moisture (water) in your face."

Here are the products Amy recommends:

Scrub: Aveeno Daily Exfoliating Cleanser at Drugstores [$7.87]

Mask: Freeman Detoxifying Clay Facial Mask With Natural Antioxidants from Ulta [$3.99]
Cleanser: Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser at Drugstores[$7.29]

Clean and Clear Deep Action Clean Cleanser, a product I have been using for years I found out was actually bad for you! I loved how it prevented me from having any bad breakouts and how it made my face tingle after using it, but "the Clean and Clear is actually leaving a film on your face that keeps in bacteria and forms blackheads so ur just layering the product over that film."

Here are some essentials you should invest in for your daily skincare routine:

CLEANSER-Anything more of a natural base, the more ingredients, the worse! When looking at labels, make sure it doesn't have sodium laureth sulfate, is oil-based and NOT OIL FREE.

TONER-Alcohol free toner will remove the excess cleanser.

SERUM [most effective in 10%]-AHA=Alpha Hydroxy Acid, that dissolves dead skin cells on face, revealing healthier skin and making pores look smaller. Use after cleaning and toning, best every time you wash your face.

MOISTURIZER-Forms a barrier to keep water from coming out.

MASK [use once a week]-Best if it's a clay mask that has the key ingredient sulfur.

SCRUB-Anything spherical [jojobabead] is best. Stay Away From St. Ives Apricot Scrub on your face! It's too harsh on your face where it removes skin cells revealing bigger pores! It is only advisable to use it as a body scrub, but stay away from your face!

NIGHT CREAM-Gives water back to your face, make sure it doesn't have mineral oil.

When choosing any skincare products, it's very important to look at the ingredients being used to create that product. Stay away from Foaming Products because what causes the product to form is a detergent that is harsh for your face. If you invest in these skincare products daily, you will get healthier skin that will look flawless and radiant both inside and outside! IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START A NEW SKINCARE ROUTINE! START TODAY!!!

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