Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Another great beauty find!!! Do you think just chapstick is the remedy to chapped lips? Well you're wrong! Though your lips may feel fine, they're not! Last week when I went to the Mary Kay skincare consultation, I felt in love with their lip product which is a scrub that you put on your lips then wipe off with water. Instantly, the dead skin cells that accumulate are gone, and your lips feel silky smooth.

I knew that I wanted a product that is not only affordable but will last me for awhile. When consulting with our skincare consultant at Sephora in Cerritos, she totally recommended FRESH BROWN SUGAR LIP POLISH $22.50 at Sephora. Check it out here:

This product stands out against other lip scrubbers because it's not a balm where you have to scrub very hard against your lips. You just leave the product on for about a minute, then use warm water to wipe off the lip polish leaving your lips smooth and flake free. This product works great especially when you're a lipstick girl like I am. With any amplified colors on your lips when using lipsticks, you need to make sure your lips look smooth so the color glides over easily. Who wants to see chapped, broken, and flaky lips?! NO ONE! Depending on how much you want to use this lip polish, it's recommended that at least once a week is best.


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