Monday, April 25, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Alert™: No sign of an Easter apocalypse.

Publication: Sun
Date: 21 February 2011

Back in February, the Sun told us the stuff to expect in the next 100 days. While the 100 days aren't up yet, they did mention that an apocalypse on Easter would shock the United States.

Well, Easter has come and gone and if there was something shockingly apocalyptic, the lamestream media completely ignored it. Being a heathen Commie bastard who has already lived through ten failed prophecies in the past sixteen months, I'm going to assume that there actually wasn't an apocalypse yesterday.

All of you end of the world fans can take heart that the end of the 100 days on this prophecy coincides with Dr. Harold Camping's specific warning about May 21, 2011, which is less than four weeks away now.

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