Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You So Crazy Alert™: JWoww tried to kill an ex-boyfriend.

Publication: Star
Date: 2 May 2011

Welcome to gossip hell, JWoww! The large breasted young woman who isn't Snooki on Jersey Shore has an ex-boyfriend ratting on her this week, showing pictures of a stab wound on his arm and claiming she tried to kill kim.

When I changed the rules of this blog at the beginning of the year and started reporting on all reality TV cover stories of The Only Ten Magazines That Matter, I thought I'd be overrun with Jersey Shore gossip. So far, this is the first story specifically about a cast member (Snooki got mentioned in a best and worst beach body smorgasbord, she was one of the worst) and we are four months into the new year.

I'd say this is good news, but the most popular reality TV show in the gossip rags is Teen Mom, which is much worse as far as I'm concerned.

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