Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birther Crap: Donald Trump demands to see Obama's birth certificate.

Publication: National Examiner
Date: 25 April 2011

There are two stories about thick fingered vulgarian Donald Trump in the tabloids published by the AMI kennel this week, and it makes it look like they want him to be the next president. The Enquirer publishes some completely fabricated bullshit about his "tough childhood", while the low rent Examiner gets on the birther bandwagon and prints Trump's demands to see Barack Hussein Tommy Flanagan Obama's real birth certificate.

The sub-headline asks "Does it say the word Muslim?"

Currently, Trump is riding high in the polls for the Republican nomination, and I have a very hard time seeing this guy succeeding if he actually had to campaign, largely because he's an ugly, fat, old abrasive asshole with less than zero charm and a punchline for a haircut, his only asset being that he's a celebrity from TV.

And then my ever helpful brain gives me two examples.

Governor Jesse Ventura.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yes, Americans are this stupid. Whether they are "Trump for President" levels of stupid, only time will tell.

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