Monday, April 18, 2011


Celebrities in the name of music and fashion threw on their best "not trying" looks at the Coachella Valley Music Festival this past weekend. One definite trend was BOHO CHIC.

Kanye West, the last performer of the festival rocked a woman's shirt from Celine's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Not only did he make it masculine by opening up the shirt and pairing it with multiple gold chains and his own Nike sneaks.

Katy Perry wore a nude colored lace Dolce & Gabbana tiered dress with headband and gladiator sandals.

Rihanna wore a denim shorts with a black tank and military jacket along with a fedora.

Vanessa Hudgens wore a teal cropped top, a sheer black maxi full length skirt with many accessories.

Nicole Ritchie wore an animal print top with cutoff shorts and strappy black heels.

Kate Bosworth wore an American flag shirt with white shorts and tan sneakers.

These were just some of the many sightings of celebrities in their Coachella attire. One thing for certain is that music and fashion are interrelated in how we express ourselves. Boho chic is a trend that seems like it's going to stay around for quite some time, so invest in some great gladiator sandals, floral printed skirts, and colorful loose tops, staying on the tribal theme.

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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