Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do Celebrities Get Special Treatment for Misconduct?

What defines a celebrity? Not really a clear definition other than someone famous that is always in the media. But there's a very big line between celebrity treatment and ordinary person treatment when it comes to misconduct.
Recently Lindsay Lohan was in court and sent to jail for violating her probation. She was supposed to have a pretty big sentence, but ended up staying locked up for what like a week? And now in rehab. Same goes for Paris Hilton.
A pretty big one was Chris Brown who tarred his image with the physical violence act toward ex-gf Rihanna. Now we've all seen these pics, and it wasn't just a little bruise. In the end, Chris Brown was sent to jail, but ended up paying out his own bail which gave him no served time locked up.
This has been a pretty big debate on whether celebrities have preferential treatment because of their involvement in the media. But is this fair to show how celebrities can not serve proper time locked up. Is this a proper way to show rightful punishment for wrongdoings? I know another reason why they have been locked up for a short amount of time is because of overcrowding. Though celebrity crimes are not as serious as others, its still not right to make such a media frenzy of it ->this shows that it is okay to have preferential treatment. This is another reason why these celebrities keep on committing these misdeamenors...they're always locked up, going to rehab, etc for the same things.
Ok, let's face it, the perk of being a celebrity is constant media coverage, though not always favorable. If you do get in trouble with the law, you get a lighter sentence; and if your in any other trouble, you get a little slap on the wrist. If your a famous AND good-looking celebrity then find yourself with no trouble ahead, you will get away with it. There will never be a sufficient answer to this issue, but there are some trends to help us answer this question.

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