Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My First Time in VEGA$

What a weekend in VEGAS!!! While I was preparing myself for the hot weather (over 100 degress), I was not preparing myself for the amazing and unforgettable things I was about to experience. Many think of Vegas as "Sin City", but in my time there, I saw it as a place alive with people and beauty. Set amongst a desert landscape, Vegas to me is very exquisite with their vast amount of hotels, each flaunting their own specific theme = GENIUS.

After settling in at our hotel in Imperial Palace, we were approached by a promoter who basically made our weekend. Now being 21 AND in Vegas, I got to go to many clubs and events that many aren't able to accomplish within a weekend's time.

*TAO* - First night, we got hooked up with free drinks and table at Tao nightclub in the Venetian. Due to some issue regarding a friend's id, we ended up coming back there at midnight. Though we lost our privileges of table and free drinks, we still got VIP access and walked in right away. Tao is an Asian-inspired club that is very big. It has a sultry feel with its dimmed red lights throughout the club with Buddhist-type statues. Being in the VIP area didn't allow us to interact with the packed crowd in the club, especially since we were dancing on an elevated part of this area. Tao Thursdays is very packed yet the atmosphere is very lively with others getting their party on in Vegas. The music is very good and everyone is literally dancing in there.

*DITCH FRIDAYS* - Next morning, we went to Ditch Fridays at the Palms pool. This was really fun because it's a really big pool party that included perfectly heated pools, sunny weather, swimsuit attire, great music, and mixed drinks. Finally a place with no creeps because everyone is here for a good time. Friendly people everywhere just partying and dancing=AMAZING.

*JET* - We came here for the open bar exclusively for ladies 10pm-12am. Inside, Jet had different rooms that played different music catering to specific preferences. The main room played a variety of songs: old school and some up-to-date, but more so on the old school side. The next room played exclusively hip-hop: old school and "new school". Overall this club was a good variety, just seemed to be composed of a more older crowd.

*RAIN* - Nightclub at the Palms, where rapper FABOLOUS performed that night. At 1:30am we caught the performance just in time and made our way in the packed club all the way to the front. For the well known performer like FAB, he was on stage was about an hour, which exceeded my expectations. He performed basically all his songs and was friendly with the crowd, slapping hands every now and then - including MINE :). Rain was set up like a mini performance space with a stages and platforms that exuded fire every now and then. Though we left right after the performance, the club had a lively and more young adult-type crowd.

*MIDSUMMERS NIGHT PARTY* - This annual Playboy party took place at the Palms Pool, it was hosted by Jenny McCarthy and Kevin Dillon's (Drama from Entourage) birthday bash. The theme this year was Roman/Greek inspired, with gods/goddesses galore. The Palms Pool was beautifully decorated, and the crowd followed the theme with gladiators, statues, and masks galore. The crowd was very mature, and everyone was really friendly - very beautiful women, and rich men (hahahahhaha). Everyone was very sociable and the music was great. We didn't alot of celebrities, but a few were present that we passed by in their cabanas.

Overall, Vegas was INSANE. I found myself very exhausted coming back to the hotel room every night, but my experience here is very memorable for sure. Vegas left an impression of classy-ness and fancy-ness. No better way to go here than to do it EXTRAVAGANTLY ;)

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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