Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Barry Bonds is known as one of the greatest players in MLB History. Known for breaking the world record of home runs of 73 in a single year (2001), and the Major League Baseball home-run record of 762 in any baseball player's career by the time of his retirement in 2007.

Like with any great athlete, questions about extra supplements to help improve performance come into the picture. For many baseball players like Sammy Sosa, Jose Conseco, Mark McGuire, and Barry Bonds, assumptions about steroid use came into play. Not only are these baseball athletes well built, but to have records for home runs in one season and a noticeably larger muscular build truly raises some controversy.

Barry Bonds, despite critics, has denied using any illegal substance that was of his knowledge. Yesterday March 28, former mistress of Barry Bonds Kimberly Bell, testified in court saying that he did in fact use steroids, but not everyday, more in moderation. He also admitted to her that other players in the league used it as well for enhanced performance for their career.

Dating Barry Bonds for nine years, she confessed that his threatening elbow injury back in 1999 was due to his steroid use. Though he only mentioned using it once, Kimberly said she noticed changes such as temper problems (irritable and controlling), loss of hair (causing him to shave it off), acne on shoulders and back, sexual dysfunction, obvious muscle gain.

But questions from defense lawyer Cristina Arguedas tried to portray the mistress as a money hungry ex-lover who out of spite tried to profit from her broken relationship with Bonds by posing nude in Playboy and pitching a book called "In the Shadow of a Giant" about him. Despite many media interviews regarding her relationship with Bonds and his steroid use, Kimberly claims that she never received any money profiting from her interviews.

Whatever the situation turns out to be in Barry Bonds trial investigating his steroid use after lying under oath under the federal grand jury. He swears to only using products supplied by trainer that were supposedly flaxseed oil and arthritis balm.

So why did prosecutors try and get the mistress involved in this situation? Since being retired for almost four years, why is this case still relevant? I don't recall such an extended controversy regarding steroid use amongst a baseball player such as Barry Bonds. Despite players being ousted by Jose Conseco, you don't see trials going on today still trying to find out the facts. If people are really trying to dig up dirt about your past regarding some illegal enhance performance drug, then they really must have nothing else better to do. Leave the man be with his mistress(es), his adulterated marriage, and his records AND MOVE FORWARD!!!

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