Monday, March 21, 2011


Joe Jonas, the metrosexual looking brother of the trio band of brothers, the Jonas Brothers is known for his Hollywood plethora of relationships and he's only 21!!!

His first victim was Taylor Swift, the country sweetheart. She had no problem ousting the details of everything Joe Jonas did wrong in their relationship. Taylor hinted that her next boyfriend would be someone who wasn't ashamed of going out in public with her. But what really shocked people was when she said he broke up with her in 27 seconds over the phone.

After meeting on the set of the Jonas Brothers music video "Lovebug", Joe soon after broke up with Taylor Swift and started dating actress Camilla Belle (though they look like they might be related, no?!). He wrote a song "Much Better" that was supposedly about find a better girlfriend than the previous relationship (implying Camilla > Taylor?!). Though it's not sure why Joe and Camilla broke up, many rumors started to circulate over her relationship with rising tennis star and fellow Brazilian Fernando Verdasco. Camilla claims that she prefers Brazilian men because they are more sensual and more comfortable with their sexuality. Joe Jonas was and currently admits to being heartbroken from this relationship because he wasn't ready to end this since Camilla broke up with him.

Next on his list was fellow Disney star Demi Lovato. After starring in Camp Rock together, they constantly denied their relationship until afterwards. For only a few months, they ended their romance on good terms. Joe Jonas insisted that it was "his choice" to break up with her, but that they still will remain great friends.

Now his latest break-up making headlines is with Twilight star Ashley Greene. After dating for almost a year, these two seemed very content in their relationship. Though he was busy with music and touring around the world, she was also always on set to film the latest movie of the Twilight saga. Recently both Joe and Ashley gushed about each other to different media outlets, but last week it was confirmed about their split up in amiable terms.

Which brings me to my next point, which Hollywood star will this Joe Bro have as his next victim? This serial dater seems to honestly be addicted to relationships. Supposedly since his ex Ashely Greene is rumored to already be seeing Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill, he has begun "flirting" via Twitter with Pretty Little Liars star Ashley B. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, not like it's going to take awhile before Joe Jonas jumps into another relationship!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me

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