Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Who says ladies can't hang with the guys? During red carpet events, men usually don suits BUT now the ladies are taking this attire to another level.

Lady suits are meant to flatter the womanly figure in a clean, crisp way. It's important to have the suit tailored well and have that one signature piece stand out to make the entire look unique.

When wearing a black pant suit, it's important to find a detail that is different than the average pant suit since black is the common color. Though you don't have to go too far with puffy shoulders like Rihanna, having a more structured shoulder area, and even pairing it with a shorter pant can show some edge and leg at the same time. Another alternative is having one fashion statement along with the pant suit. It can be a bold heel such as the glitter shoes Anne Hathaway paired with her suit, or a long necklace like Jennifer Aniston.

When wearing a white pant suit, don't over-do the look. Wearing all white can be too clean, but a subtle change in detail can make a great statement in itself. Something as simple as wearing a bold lipstick to off-set the blank white canvas is great such as Katy Perry. Or if you want to keep it very simple, just add some cute shirt/camisole/tank under your jacket like Mila Kunis.

A must do when wearing a pant suit is to put your hair up, what's best is a clean ponytail. Keep the hair soft and flowy to work opposite the fitted suit attire. Show off your confidence and beautiful face in a bold pank suit and work it better than your male counterparts!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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