Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Who knew neon would make a come back in the near future?! I am absolutely obsessed with everything and anything neon because it just brightens up the day! The great thing about neon is that you can wear this trend day or night, formal or informal, and even matched with other neon colors. The variety of way you can style this new trend is definitely limitless!

Check out some of my faves!!!

Bebe Neon Mesh Panel Dress $129 - http://bebe.com
This dress is the ultimate retro chic look. The crisp white color is fresh for spring, and the color mesh design in neon green or pink add a perfect splash of color.

Neon Strappy Black Dress - http://www.asos.com
This dress is very cute because the black outplays the brightness of the neon so you can wear this outfit anywhere since it's fit for every occasion. The color neon straps at the back give this dress definite flavor.

Neon Yellow Pencil Skirt - http://www.etsy.com
This pencil skirt looks great paired with other bright colors. The yellow hue can brighten up any look and the two button detail makes any outfit more polished yet playful.

Vintage Neon Disco Stripe Swimsuit $24 - http://stores.ebay.com/RETRO2MODVINTAGE
I love the colorful neon stripes that are V-shaped. It not only can give a curvy illusion but the color is flattering for any skin type and body shape.

Lip Service Retro 80's Zip Jacket in Neon Pink $19 - http://shoptaintedkiss.com/index.php/shop-by-designer/lip-service/lip-service-retro-80-s-zip-jacket-in-neon-pink.html
This fitted motorcyle jacket gives of the retro feel that can be presented in modern ways. Pair with fitted bottoms for a sleek look that gives off a punk rock vibe.

Jimmy Choo's Light-Up Platform $2,495 - http://www.shoeshost.com/jimmy-choo-shoes/jimmy-choos-light-up-platform-sandals
I know these cost an arm and a leg, but oh my goodness, aren't they just stunning?! The shoes have a multi-colored heel and a light-up platform! Every girl needs to have one pair of Jimmy Choo's, and one day these will be mine!!!

Dereon Perfect Escape Heel $70 - http://www.heels.com/womens-shoes/perfect-escape-turquoise.html
This show is the perfect combination of neon colors all in one item! The different colored neon braided straps can be paired with any outfit to give a pop of color. Wish I can find it somewhere!

Since NEON is a big trend for Spring, you can find many different types of neon styled clothing in department stores. This look is definitely a play-me-up type look that not only grabs attention but exudes a playful aura. NEON IS IN!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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