Friday, March 4, 2011


So there were 2 instances where nude pics of Rihanna were leaked. I didn't really care about that news because I'm a female, and I don't care to see another female's whatevers...

But today, a nude pic of Chris Brown was leaked while we was taking a pic of himself to an ex-girlfriend, or chic on the down low...who knows who cares. The point is there is a naked pic of Chris Brown that has circulated. I saw it, and now you can see it.

Check it out here: =>this video version made me laugh

Not only did this man color his hair blonde last week, following of the trends of his fellow musicians taking white characteristics [foolish] but now...TODAY his full monty is hanging out all over the place [not like it's something to be ashamed about].

Which teaches us a valuable lesson...DON'T SEXT!!! Some crazy, money hungry ex will sell those photos to anyone for some money. There is always a price to a picture, especially one that's as scandalous as nudity. If you're reading this, I'm 99.9% of you have already sexted, but don't continue if you're planning on being famous one day! DON'T DO IT!

In the words of Chris Breezy, "SHAWTY GET LOOSE!!!"..."DEUCES!!!"

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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