Sunday, March 20, 2011


So the rage has been a natural everyday finish in the form of nude lipstick. First my cousin was wearing it, and I personally did not think it would fit right with me because of my ever-changing skin color throughout the year. Then my friend got a lipstick the other day for herself, which seriously made me look into buying my own shade for myself.

At the MAC counter yesterday at Nordstrom in the Galleria, I decided to try on a few shades for myself. I always ended up picking the more sheer, glittery type nude shades until the lady working at MAC suggested a more matte nude lipstick with a matching nude gloss. I instantly fell in love with it! The satin matte lipstick is called Spirit $14.50, which is a muted pink beige brown that can work for many skin tones. The matching lipglass I got with it is called Wildly Lush $18.50, which gives a complimentary vanilla flavor to the lips. I also found out that this lipglass plumps and moisturizes the lips with Vitamin E for extra environmental protection.

If you're fair skinned like Scarlett Johannson...

Use a rosy, pink tinted lipstick nude lipstick. Picks: Smashbox's Flawless $22, Clarin's Rouge Hydra Nude Lipstick 02 Nude Coral $24.

If you have golden skin like Mila Kunis...

Use a light, creamy base nude lipstick. Picks: Creme d'Nude by MAC $14, Lancome Color Fever Shine #204 $25.

If you're olive skinned like Eva Mendes...

You can use practically any nude color! Picks: Revlon's Nude Attitude $6, MAC's Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick in Box Nude $14.50.

If you have dark skin like Gabrielle Union...

Try a rich, gold brown lipstick. Picks: Bobbi Brown's Cocoa $22, Givenchy Rouge Satin Lipstick in Gold Brown #15 $25.

When wearing nude lipstick, remember to choose a color that's 2 shades within your natural lip color or else it wouldn't be considered a nude lipstick look anymore. Make sure there's no dead skin residue on your lips, and apply balm before applying the nude shade since it can become chalky. To finish up the look, apply a neutral gloss over the lipstick for a complete nude lipstick finish.

Don't choose a nude color lighter than your natural skin color, it's only going to make you look washed out and don't use lipliner with the look unless it's the exact same color.

Now that you have all the information you need, try and find a nude lip color suited for your unique self. There is plenty of help at make-up counters to help you decide which look is best for you, so don't be afraid to experiment. Who said nude wasn't for everyone?!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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