Saturday, March 26, 2011


Lindsay Lohan will join the ranks of superstars in that she's dropping her last name. Yes, Lindsay Lohan will now be referred to as Lindsay ONLY...along with musicians Cher, Madonna, Prince, Rihanna, Beyonce. The thing that sets her apart, is that she is not known for her musical abilities (but anyone remember her song Rumors?!).

So much negative press has evolved around Miss Lindsay lately, that this is the least of her problems. She just seems to love being in the spotlight of media attention. After denying her plea deal and deciding to go to trial after her alleged necklace theft from a Venice boutique store, she should be focusing on getting her act together.

Although there's no official reason for Lindsay dropping her last name, it may have to do with her wanting to end the association with her father Michael Lohan who was charged with assault against his girlfriend and will be appearing on the next season of Celebrity Rehab. Not only will she be dropping her last time, but her younger sister Ali will take mother Dina's maiden name Sullivan as well.

For Lindsay being 24, she sure has been going through a lot lately. She shouldn't have to look for a name change to move forward in her career. In order for Lindsay to get her career back on track, she needs to lay low for awhile and look into roles that can prove she is worthy in Hollywood.

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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