Saturday, March 12, 2011


The premiere episode of "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" aired January 10, 2008 and is about a group of celebrities who are treated for alcohol and drug addiction. Many of these celebrities are former stars back in the day who have found the rich and famous lifestyle too much to handle and have turned to drug and alcohol abuse.

But in the news, celebrities are always making headlines with different incidents of alcohol and drug use. And many of these celebrities are the same names, recurring time and time again. Some names include: LINDSAY LOHAN, CHARLIE SHEEN, MEL GIBSON, and obviously much more. They are always going in and out of rehab, but when will it ever work?

Dr. Drew has this VH1 show that is popular and depicts celebrities trying to develop a successful sober lifestyle, but many of them go back to taking drugs afterwards. Though it's not an easy process, the success rates aren't as high as we would like to hear. When will these celebrities get a wake up call to end this abuse in their lives and realize the impact it's bringing upon their loved ones?

I have noticed in "Celebrity Rehab", Dr. Drew though well versed in his profession, is too nice and caring. He does seem genuinely concerned for his patients, but is being too nice a factor in recurring drug use after the sober program? These patients who admit to wanting to get better, often go in and out of withdrawal stages, making them want to use again. But I believe it's hard for you to get over addiction if you're too nice with your patients. Yes, you do have to be understanding and supportive of your patients, but to have these celebrities and anyone in general fight their drug induced lifestyle, some HARD LOVE needs to be put into the agenda. These celebrities need to be shaken out of their socks into getting better, no more Mr. Nice Guy Dr. Drew!!!

An example of a celebrity who lost the continuous fight with addiction is former cast mate of the show Mike Starr, who died this past Tuesday March 8. The former bass player for Alice in Chains was found dead in Salt Lake City due to a drug overdose. This news was so shocking since Mike appeared on the most recent season of "Celebrity Rehab" talking to the other celebrities on the show about how he's been sober and the new clean lifestyle he was leading...

Dr. Drew spoke out on behalf of his former patient saying, "Devastating to hear of Mike Starr succumbing to his illness. So very sad. Our prayers are with his family." Very heartbreaking indeed to fall back into temptation of such a terrible habit. Rest in Peace...

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