Saturday, March 12, 2011

CABANA CLUB, more like Gh3tto Club

Last night I went to Cabana Club in Hollywood. I've low key always wanted to check it out, but never had the opportunity, unless last night of course. First of all, ladies have to pay $20 to get in! I'm not sure if it was because it was already past 11, but what the heck! NOT COOL...

Upon entering the place, there was a backdrop and a few photographers taking pictures of people. They even asked my friend and I to stand there to take some pictures, like they were coaching us on what to do. This one photographer in particular was like "Look like you're having fun!" "Look flirty, like you don't know we're taking a picture of you!" Obviously an awkward situation when these bright lights are blasted at you, and people are watching.

Not to be blunt, but the place was filled with black people, that were kind of hood, yes I said it. Girls who shouldn't be wearing certain attire, had the guts to wear it. The guys were lame. The music was pretty lame as well, all hood hip-hop type stuff. There was an instance when I was waiting outside the bathroom for my friend, and these girls were about to get into it when one didn't say 'excuse me' two times. And yes, I was about to scram, I am not going to get involved with some senseless stuff as small as that, I am way above it TRUST.

I can definitely see this club being a hot spot because the decor was pretty nice. It had palm trees, many cabanas, and different bars to prevent overcrowding. There was also another room you can go into if you want to escape the hectic nature of the main space. Maybe this is the usual scene for a Friday night here at Cabana Club, but I suggest you not go if you're like me. What this club needs is a different, more sophisticated type atmosphere that attracts a more diverse crowd and a better DJ that plays songs people want to hear when they go out.

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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