Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Remember boy band 98 Degrees? Well if you don't, do you know who Nick Lachey is? He was the ex-husband of Jessica Simpson, and was in 98 Degrees. But forget about him, because this isn't about him...

Former member of 98 Degrees Jeff Timmons (ok so I never knew any of their names besides the Lachey brothers), will be joining the Chippendales crew as a special musical guest and MC at the Rio in Sin City!

You can catch a former boy bander, turning up the heat for 4 weekends starting May 12 thru June 5, Thursdays thru Sundays! Tickets are on sale now!

How hot will Jeff Timmons measure on the 98 Degrees scale? This news is just too funny, and I've also wanted to see a show. I'm just wondering if anyone would remember who he is, or just mistake him for a regular on the crew. Time to ditch those boy band moves, and replace it with some fitted hot pants and a bow tie!!!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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