Friday, April 15, 2011

Bells are Ringing Alert™: The rest of the Wills'N'Kate stuff for the week

Publications: People, OK!, National Examiner, In Touch, Globe
Date: 25 April 2011

The royal wedding is just weeks away and the gossip rags are ramping up. A total of six stories this week, including one nominated for Meanest Story of the Week. Here are the other four.
  • People: 10 page royal wedding guide (No artwork on cover. Boring.)
  • Globe: Wills'N'Kate's Shocking blowup - on eve of wedding (It's been done. Boring.)
  • National Examiner: Camilla's evil plot to ruin royal wedding
    William rushes to Kate's rescue! (Because of the rescue angle, not nominated for Meanest Story)
  • In Touch: Wills'N'Kate ready for baby! (Same idea as the Star's Meanest Story nomination, just not as mean.)
  • OK!: The latest on the Royal Wedding. [Guess what? OK!'s invited!] (The editorial staff at OK! are nice in a way that reeks of desperation.)
In accordance with this blog's pro-love policy, we wish the happy couple all the best.

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