Thursday, April 14, 2011


Who knew feathers could come in an array of different styles and colors! If you wanted to make a bold statement, or keep it more subtle, take feathers into your fashion closet. It doesn't necessarily have to be clothes either, it can be accessories!

On many red carpets, you see celebrities rocking dressing with feather detailing on it (Eva Longoria, Angie Harmon, Blake Lively). It can range from any color too, but make sure it runs in the same color palette as to what you're mainly wearing, nothing too far from it please!

The biggest accessory in the feather department comes from hair clips/extentions and earrings. You see women AND men (Steven Tyler) taking this trend by the masses!

My favorite feather fashion is anything PEACOCK!!! The deep hues of green, blue, gold and purple really bring out a look of royalty and richness. Check these cute fashion digs which are my fave!!!

LaPlumeEthere Peacock Pumps on $75

Paige Gamble Alligator & Peacock Clutch $2200

Victoria Wieck Peacock Feather Earrings $99.95

Whether you go full out on this trend of keep it more subtle, FEATHER IS IN!!! WANNA STAY FLY LIKE A PEACOCK?! Feather fashion finds are everywhere right now and very affordable!!!

[[No birds were harmed in the name of fashion...]]

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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