Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold Weather Chic

Though this may not necessarily apply to the beautiful 70's weather we have here in Southern California, it does to everywhere else in the U.S. It's winter, it's cold, but how do you achieve a stylish look and keep warm at the same time? Here are some hot fashion trends going on this winter season that are my favorite!

There's a hat suitable for every occasion and what's great about it, is that with this winter weather, you don't have to worry about your hair style because your hat will be covering it! My fav is the Eskimo Hat, it insulates your head well, and looks so rugged! Here's one I found at Victorian Trading Co. for $29.95, it's faux fur and faux suede too.

Bring out your masculine side by showing you can hang like one of the guys! Military boots are in fashion right now, and you can wear it with a heel or flat. You can use these boots to dress an outfit down to a comfortable manner while looking ultra punk rock. I like Steve Madden's Corley Women's Lace-up Boot $59.99 because of it's lace up detail toward the top of the shoe, and it's flat sturdy bottom. These shoes are made to be comfortable, yet a twisted style to your everyday wardrobe by making you stand out for sure.

Every fashionista's must have winter staple is the pea coat that never goes out of fashion. There are so many to choose from that fit so many body types, that also come in an array of colors. Since you are going to be wearing your peacoat religiously this season, why not pick one that suits you, and basically that matches with everything. My favorite is the top left Black Princess Coat from Victoria's Secret, $158. It's very fitted on the top and shoulders, and flows as it gets longer, very chic!

Just because it's cold outside, doesn't restrict your wardrobe to just pants! Instead take out that cute dress you've been dying to wear and pair some tights with it. It brings out instant personality to your outfit, and it can be combined with different looks when styled appropriately. My must have colors to invest in are ROYAL BLUE, PLUM, BERGUNDY, AND MUSTARD YELLOW!

The fashion game is all on your court. These trends are my fashion faves of the season, and when you think about it, can all be paired together for THEE ULTIMATE CHIC WINTER LOOK! Winter doesn't have to be a dull time for your inner fashionista to come out. Instead it's a time of experimentation in full effect, when can there ever be another time when you can wear a fur hat with some colored tights tucked into military boots!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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