Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No stress, "JUST GO WITH IT"

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! While many consider this to be a special day for couples, I spent my Valentine's Day with my parents (awwwww ). I wasn't in the best mood yesterday for a number of reasons, but watching "Just Go With It" truly turned my day around and brought big smiles and laughter to my day.

"Just Go With It" features Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston is a romantic comedy about a man who wears a wedding ring to pick up chicks. When Danny (Sandler) was about to get married, he overheard his wife talking about how she was cheating on him and wanted to marry him for his money since he was a soon to be cardiologist. Not having a lot of self esteem when they called off the wedding, he found great power in the symbol of the wedding ring he always wore, though he wasn't married. From that day on, he pursued his medical career in the direction of plastic surgeon and fixed his big nose to help him with his own self-esteem.

At his practice, Katherine (Aniston) works for him as his assistant in the operating room and well as the front desk. After Sandler meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a 6th grade teacher, Danny realizes that she is the woman he wants to marry. But things aren't that easy when Palmer finds a wedding ring in his pocket, starting a frenzy of lies. Danny now has to pretend to be getting a divorce from "Devlin", a trophy wife, and end their marriage with 2 kids who are actually Katherine's real kids.

In order for Palmer to stay with Danny, she needs approval from soon to be ex-wife Devlin. So they end up hanging out, which leads to a trip to Hawaii. As Katherine and Danny are spending more time together outside the office, they realize that their feelings for one another are very strong. This leads Danny to not marry Palmer, since his feelings for Katherine become something he truly believes in.

This movie is hilarious! I was laughing throughout the entire film. As in every Sandler movie stars his group of friends in small roles that somehow find their way onto the screen. The chemistry between Sandler and Aniston is great! And who knew this movie is Brooklyn Decker's first? She is sure to be on the HOLLYWOOD HOT LIST very soon. Also appearances were made by Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews.

There is no better cure for a sad/angry mood than a great comedy movie to lift your spirits. I STRONGLY SUGGEST everyone watch this movie! CATCH "Just Go With It" OUT IN THEATERS TODAY!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me

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