Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why Men Are Attracted to the Color Red

When you think of the color RED what comes to mind? HOT, SEXY, DANGEROUS, LOVE, ROMANCE, DESIRE...are some that come to my mind and it's true. Red is a color associated with sex that dates back to Western cultural norms. According to research, men find women more desirable and better looking when wearing the color red.
For centuries, society has had an enduring love affair with the color red. It can be traced back to the red-light districts, Valentine's Day, and romantic love across cultures.

A necessity that women need to have in their closets are these 3 red fashion staples!

1) SEXY RED DRESS: Find one that screams siren. Whether it be one that hugs you in all the right places or one that can be a bit low cut, or maybe an unexpected slit can also do wonders. Find one that fits your personality so you can be comfortable and attract all the WANTED attention you had hope for.

2) RED LIPSTICK: Nothing is sexier than a RED LIP. It looks good on everyone and exudes so much sexiness without being too obvious. I do have a post about what types of lipstick go with your unique skin type/color so look at that for reference.

3) RED HEELS: There's nothing better than to make your completed outfit pop than some RED HEELS! Whether it be a darker red, or a blood red, anything to call attention to your shoes ultimately leads to attention for you!

Women have such a powerful hold over the male species and why not put it to use? Use your powers to the extreme by not being afraid to wear a bold red that would keep those heads turning!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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