Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammys 2011 Recap

Before any awards show comes the anticipated red carpet. The Grammys red carpet is different unlike any other awards show for the fact that this is the biggest night in music, so basically anything goes. It's not expected to wear gowns and bling jewelry such as the Oscars or SAG's, but the Grammys is an award show that lets each musical artist express themselves in their own way.

The biggest controversy caused was Lady Gaga when she was carried in an "egg" by several people, in order to prepare for her big performance of the night featuring her #1 hit song "Born This Way." She did not stop for interviews for anyone.
With all the musicians and celebrities there, there were a few that definitely stood out! It seemed like metallics were the popular trend of the night and it seemed fitting.

Rihanna wore this semi-nude Jean-Paul Gaultier Couture dress which showed off the right curves and a bit too little to the imagination. Other than that, her curves were busting out of everywhere, she's hot and even though she may be criticized, more power to her!

Jennifer Lopez was this silver metallic Pucci mini which was fit for the fabulous JL0! She will always do no wrong to me, because to me she's just so stunning and can pull off anything. Her overall outfit was like a metallic queen with silver dress and matching silver heels-LOVED IT!

Nicki Minaj became a head-turner as usual with her leopard fitted Givenchy fit and her Frankenstein style wig paired with hot pink lips. Nicki was in character as usual, and she worked her outfit like a pro. We all know she's beautiful and has an amazing body, but I give her props for having a sense of humor with herself.

Kim Kardashian was rocking the metallic gold look, opposite her idol Jennifer Lopez with a low cut halter, high slit gown by Kaufman Franco. She was looking pretty sexy I must admit, this dress just screams sexy goddess. But wait, why is Kim K at the Grammys again?

Selena Gomez wore a beautiful gold J. Mendel gown that fit her like a glove. It sparked such a radiance on her youthfulness where the overall result was perfect for her age, yet a bit on the sexy side without being overly exposed like some young Hollywood role models out there.

Many of the Grammy awards were already announced during the pre-show, which left a LONG 3.5 hours of barely any nominations and winners announced, and more like performance central. The best performance of the night was hands-down with Bruno Mars, B.O.B. and Janelle Monae. CHECK IT OUT!!!

It was a doo-wop type performance where B.O.B. sang his hit song "Nothing on You" in which he collaborated with Mars. Bruno Mars then sang his heart out to the hit "Grenade" while viewers got to see the television change from color to black-and-white, giving his performance an oldies type feel. Janelle then finished off with her song "Cold War." I love the performance because it was sooo authentic and so simple, yet out of the box. It definitely brought a good vibe to the show and showcased all 3 of the performer's many talents: B.O.B.'s guitar playing and Bruno Mars' drum playing to be exact. Another great surprise was Mick Jagger's gospel type performance which marked his first ever time to be on the Grammy stage. For his age, he had so much energy and sounded great! Props to him!

As for the Grammy winners, Lady Antebellum and Lady Gaga took home many of the night's coveted awards. Lady Gaga we all know is already such a big superstar that it's expected for her to win, but Lady Antebellum's popularity amongst the masses is not too far behind. This trio brings a great melody and memorable songs you can't forget such as "Need You Now."

Overall, the Grammys are unpredictable. Who ever heard of Arcade Fire? But they won Record of the Year. Props to the ladies for coming out big for the night, REPRESENT!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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