Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The One-Drop Theory

As the fighting ensues over Academy Award winner actress Halle Berry and her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey about custody of their daughter Nahla, a new term has come into our vocabulary: ONE-DROP RULE.

The ONE DROP RULE is a term that classifies Black people according to their African ancestry. A person is considered black if they have "one drop" of blood in them or a history of African roots. In the 1900s, upper class black Americans would conduct a paper bag test to determine if a person was white enough to gain acceptance or admitance. For instance, if your color was darker than the paper bag, then you would not be accepted or admitted. So why has Halle Berry's custody battle now become a racial battle?

Halle Berry is mixed with black and white, but she identifies herself as black because of the "One-Drop" Theory. Since she is half black and her daughter Nahla who is 3/4 white and 1/4, Halle Berry still considers her daughter black because of this rule, but baby daddy Gabriel Aubry says his daughter is white.
No one can be quite sure what to believe in this story. From Halle Berry's side, sources say that Gabriel Aubry has said racial slurs toward Halle and that he is a racist. There is also word that daughter Nahla cries hysterically when she's in the custody of her father. On Gabriel's side, sources claim that Halle was violent and also verbally abused him over text messaging which he
will save for the trial.

But according to the "One-Drop Theory," why does Nahla be classified as white or black? She is a beautiful mixed child and her parents should proudly identify her as WHITE & BLACK, not either or. Though she is considered to be mixed more with white blood, she would be considered white, but when looking at Nahla, it is obvious she is mixed with black. Coming from a mixed racial heritage myself which is mainly 50% Mexican and 50% Filipino, I consider myself of both descents not one over the other.

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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