Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jersey Shore Promotes Abusive Relationships

I wouldn't call myself an avid fan of Jersey Shore. When there's really nothing else to watch on TV, I do watch it and it's mildly entertaining I must admit. Here's a show about "Italians" who like to party and hook-up, and say the dumbest stuff. But that's what reality calls for, and it's popular amongst the masses.

I know the show advertises many worldly vices such as sex, heavy alcohol consumption, physical fights with strangers, foul language...but what really is a topic every season is ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS.
This directly relates to on and off again couple Ronnie and Sammi who have this tumultuous relationship. They always end up arguing over the dumbest topics. Last season, Ronnie crossed the line by actually making out with some girl at a bar in Miami while Sammi wasn't there, and they were together. This is probably one of the strangest couples ever featured on a reality show because they are both so horrible to each other. Who likes to be in a relationship when there's constant arguing?

On the current season of Jersey Shore, Ronnie and Sammi not only live together, but are residing in the same room. This is obviously a bad choice from the get go, and there are non-stop arguments here and there. Everyone in the house, including all us viewers know that they shouldn't be together. Sammi is too clingy for her own good, and Ronnie is a complete asshole to her, a TOTAL JERK. He gets mad at her all the same, he has this crazy temper, and is actually violent! In the most recent episode, he gets all her possessions and throws them outside onto the balcony, and breaks most of her stuff! This is all over her dancing with another dude fresh out of their break-up right in front of him, but to cross the boundaries and trash her stuff is uncalled for.

That episode was very hard to look at, because coming from a female perspective, I understand the place Sammi is coming from when you love someone so much, you just can't let go no matter how horrible the relationship is and how much of a jerk the guy is to you. But for having such an emotional issue taped for many to watch I believe is horrible. Even though it is entertaining television (not in a good way), that issue should be very private to everyone. It only helps me to believe that MTV is therefore permitting abusive relationships to be shown on television. Though Sammi did the right thing by leaving the shore, all the chaos it took to get to that point was heartbreaking.

First of all, no girl should EVER be that clingy on a boyfriend...and SECOND, NO MAN SHOULD EVER LAY A HAND ON A FEMALE OR TRY TO WRECK HAVOC ON HER BELONGINGS!

You Just Do You, Imma Do Me


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