Thursday, June 30, 2011

Castle Season 4

Castle Season 4
There are still months and months left until Castle has the good sense to return to our televisions. With that in mind, do spoilers make anything better at this point, or do they just feed into our desire for more shows now? If so, I'm sorry, because this article contains spoilers about the first episode of Castleseason 4.
WARNING: Spoilers of minimal plot importance follow. Do not continue reading if you're one of those people who must be surprised by every little detail in your television viewing. If not, no worries. This isn't so bad.

According to a report from TVLine, there will be a fight between two of the Castle characters within minutes of the season's beginning. Which two characters?

It's probably no surprise that Castle is one of them. After all, he was a little bit emotional the last time we saw him -- declarations of love uttered to one's gravely-wounded partner will do that. But the other character involved in the fistfight? That would be Josh.
Remember him? Josh would be Beckett's oft-mentioned but rarely-seen doctor boyfriend. Since reports indicate that next season will pick up more-or-less immediately after this one, we can safely guess that Beckett's shooting will be a major motivation for the fight.

What are the other possible reasons? Should Beckett be lucid enough to repeat what Castle said to her, it's entirely possible that Josh will initiate the fight. Alternatively, just imagine the likely outcome of Josh (or any other doctor) trying to keep Castle away from Beckett.

Or it could be about something else entirely. Castle is often misleading that way.

Whatever the cause of the fight, it will come in an episode entitled "Rise." Obviously, this tells us nothing about the plot at all -- we can expect something or someone to move in an upward direction, either physically, emotionally or intellectually. Otherwise, good luck with the guessing!

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