Monday, June 27, 2011


Is it just me or have Facebook scams been getting even more sexually graphic lately? This new one is no exception and falls in line with the scams that offered videos of girls stripping and Rhianna’s alleged sex tape with actor Hayden Panettiere.
This time the Facebook scam offers a video of a boy’s reaction when his ex-girlfriend posted on his Facebook Wall. The scam, which appears in your News Feed as a post by a friend, says “Boy reaction after his Ex girlfriend posted on his wall” and features a thumbnail of a girl who’s completely naked.
If you click on the link you are lead to a blog on called “[VIDEO] Ex girlfriend Punished for posting on wall.” The blog should set off alarms because it looks strange. Depending on your browser, the blue Blogspot header that’s found on every standard Blogspot blog is featured at the top of the page but also inside the blog’s body where the text should be. This is unusual for a blog and shows that there might be some sort of error on the page. If you view the page using Internet Explorer, you’ll have a bar of video screenshots across the top instead of the Blogspot header.
If you click on the video, it will cause you to automatically Like the scam’s page, spreading it further across the social network since it will be posted on your Wall. Once it spreads to your Wall, you are also presented with a survey that offers a free gift. Never fill out such surveys. Not only does clicking through the pages of questions generate revenue for the scammers who own the Web page, but entering personal information puts you at risk for identity theft.

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