Monday, June 27, 2011

Rave Party

Anti-narcotics cell (ANC) inspector Anil Jadhav, who brought shame to his office by participating in a ‘rave party’ , which was raided by Raigad police on midnight of Sunday June 26, has been suspended from service with immediate effect. He has been asked to face an enquiry.
On Sunday night, near Raigad, about 300 youth were arrested from a posh hotel for attending a rave party. Drugs and liquor were found at the venue. All the youth were detained and had to undergo medical tests to check for consumption of drugs. There were more than 100 girls also among the detained. The age of the detained youth is between 21 and 25.
Apart from Inspect Jadhav, four other people were arrested for providing drugs to the youth.
The incident sent shockwaves around Mumbai and many parents were found panicking as their children had not returned till late at night.
Most of the youth detained are from well to do families, said sources.

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