Monday, June 27, 2011

Lisa Raye

If sources are to be believed then actress Lisa Ray got into a minor tussle with the organisers at the ongoing awards event in Toronto, as she didn’t like the way she was being handled for the upcoming fashion show that is to be held as part of the event.
Sources say that Ray made her reservations clear that she being the brand ambassador for IIFA, must be given her due at the event since she has spent a lot of time promoting the event in Canada much before the other stars. Ray has also made appearances at TV shows in Canada to promote the event.
“Ray was not happy with the way she was being handled at the fashion show. She is supposed to be a show-stopper at Rajesh Pratap Singh’s fashion show. She didn’t like the dress that was given to her and she needed it to be changed. We were at a loss at a certain point of time but now things are sorted out at the moment,” says a member of the organising committee.
Ray, according to sources, also expected that she would be leading the show being the show-stopper and the limelight would not be taken away from her by placing bigger stars alongside her. However that too has been sorted out and she might be the only big star walking the ramp along with actor Kunal Kapoor and cricketer Brett Lee.

“Ray is also promoting a cause (for the aid of cancer patients) and she naturally expected some attention on that. However the dress issue was quickly sorted out. We had numerous meetings with her and also a lot of mails were exchanged. She is now convinced about the dress and you will see her making her scheduled appearances,” the organising member added. Apparently Ray started making her appearances only when the issue was sorted out. However, all’s well that ends well as they say.

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