Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mission Impossible 4

Ethan Hunt is back. And he has a new friend.
Or so he thinks.
Tom Cruise returns for a fourth chapter in the "Mission: Impossible" franchise, the Brad Bird-directed "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." Alongside Cruise is the eventual heir to the series, Jeremy Renner, who plays the mysterious Brandt, an agent whose allegiances Hunt is unsure of as the film takes shape.
Filmed in Dubai, it sets up Hunt and his crew on a seemingly impossible escape mission, with any slipup meaning they'll be labeled terrorists. Bird makes his live action directorial debut after helming a number of hit Pixar films, including the animated actioner, "The Incredibles."
Cruise is seen executing a number of insane stunts throughout, including some major building scaling. It wasn't tough to get him to do them, Bird said.
"He actually lives for that stuff. He loves it," Bird told MTV News recently. "Loves it. The day we finished shooting on the Burj, everyone suddenly relaxed because nothing had happened, no one had gotten injured or died, and the only one who was bummed out was Tom because he had to come down from the building. He loves that stuff."
"Mission: Impossible 3" director JJ Abrams is back as a producer.
The movie hits theaters on December 16th.

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