Monday, June 27, 2011


It's difficult to recall the tragic time of the tsunamis in Japan that happened not too long ago, but it seems like Lady Gaga might have to re-visit this period. She wanted to raise money for Japan Relief Efforts by selling $5 white and red bracelets reading "WE PRAY FOR JAPAN".

Lady Gaga is being sued by a Michigan law network by the name of 1800LAWFIRM that claims the singer didn’t donate all of the proceeds from the Japan prayer bracelet sales to charity like she promised. They also are claiming that Gaga "artificially inflated reports of total donations" and over-charged buyers on shipping costs.

Attorney for the law firm Alyson Oliver says, "While we commend Lady Gaga for her philanthropic efforts, we want to ensure that claims that 'all proceeds will be donated to Japan's earthquake' are in fact true. Our intention via this lawsuit is to uncover any improprieties committed by Lady Gaga and appropriate the full donations assumed to the victims in Japan." The Lady Gaga prayer bracelet for Japan sales used deceptive advertising techniques and broke several different federal consumer protection laws.

Many of those who ordered the prayer bracelets from Lady Gaga's website complained about the long delivery along with the additional $5 shipping charge. Lady Gaga's Japan Relief Bracelets generated $3 million in proceeds for the Japan earthquake relief effort which was supposedly given in full. Though none of the reps have commented yet on this situation, we'll see how it plays out.

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